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Baby Oopsie

★★½☆ – (2021) – A doll collector who’s mistreated by society acquires a toy that murders her oppressors. An amusing character study of a woman pushed to the brink and who revels in the bloody destruction of others, while Baby Oopsie herself is pretty humorous in her actions and dialog. Grows a bit tiresome toward the end of its short length, but still has enough merit to recommend to B-movie buffs.

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Last Night in Soho

★★★☆ – (2021) – A young woman who’s attending a fashion school in modern London experiences the past life of an aspiring musical performer in her visions. An absorbing mystery of murder and deceit among well-placed throwback music and surreal editing. A journey of insanity that leads to unexpected turns and a handful of tense moments, and though we root for the protagonist throughout, emotional attachments to her are never fully realized. Despite minor flaws, this is a unique gem.

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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

★★☆☆ – (2021) – A viral outbreak in a small town turns citizens into victims, zombies, and/or monsters. Plays as a live action version the the Resident Evil 2 video game, which is commendable considering how the previous series had little to do with the games. However, by watching without a controller in hand the events get awfully dull awfully fast. Goes through familiar motions without offering anything fresh to a beaten genre.

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Scream (2022)

★★☆☆ – (2022) – Someone is picking off the citizens of Woodsboro in reaction to the Stab franchise. A blend of past and present characters who endure the same old deadly situation; an unknown killer in a white mask is stabbing people. Revisiting the original actors is nice, but the new faces lack significance and by the end are just another factor in yet another retread of the inaugural Scream.

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★½☆☆ – (2021) – Vacationers on an isolated beach start aging rapidly while continuing to argue about their less severe issues. Though the concept is mildly intriguing, the execution is nearly crippled by lousy acting and a pitiful script. Not enough is done with the premise, since only a few characters show physical traits of aging. Only worsens when trying to explain its own meaning, and eventually feels endless.

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