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The Munsters

★½☆☆ – (2022) – A lovelorn vampire and a newly resurrected corpse pine after one another despite opposition from an elder. On the plus side this is colorful, zany, and consistent in its intentions to pay tribute to a classic show. On the downside? Everything else. The plot is dragged thin over the overlong length, very few jokes are funny, and the characters are one-note straight through. Not quite a travesty, but makes one wonder why so much effort was put into a prequel.

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Curse of the Re-Animator

★½☆☆ – (2022) – College students fiddle with a dimensional resonator and a resurrection serum with expectedly diabolical results. Feels like a mishmash of outtakes from the previous installment, and amounts to little more than loud nonsense. Lacks anything distinctive to stand above recent entries, as all the highlights have been seen before in similar manners.

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★★★☆ – (2022) – A farmgirl with aspirations of fame is held back by an ill father and a domineering mother, prompting her to commit acts of madness. A steadily flowing study of a character who’s not quite right to begin with, but gradually becomes more and more bonkers as the minutes click by. Mia Goth steals the show as the centerpiece in a tale of ultimate desire and eventual destruction. The best of its kind since the original Carrie.

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Beyond the Resonator

★★☆☆ – (2022) – A student who takes an interest in resurrecting the dead attends a college where a device recently opened a portal to another dimension. There aren’t many things to say about a 48-minite movie that feels like an entry between entries. Nothing staggering occurs, but nothing awful occurs either. A decent time waster that serves as a reminder of the superior entries that have come before.

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Tales from the Hood 3

★★☆☆ – (2020) – Anthology of four stories (amid a brief wraparound) that focus on burn victims, white supremacy, diva swapping, and sneakers that induce diarrhea. While none of the stories can be considered profound, none are particularly worthless either. An okay outing that has brushes with humor and some decent-enough horror.

 839 total views,  23 views today

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