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The Giant Spider Invasion

★★½☆ – (1975) – A meteor crash lands in a rural town and brings with it diamonds and spiders. A gloriously ridiculous mess with humor that ranges from intentional to completely accidental. Characters are fun and colorful, as is their goofy bantering, while the spider design is simply awful even by low budget standards.

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Cocaine Bear

★★☆☆ – (2023) – A bear that ingests cocaine goes on a killing spree, much to the chagrin of the drug dealers who want their stock back. Pretty good when the bear is on the prowl, but rather drab when focused on the humans who aren’t as quirky as intended. Peaks with a wild paramedic scene, then gradually becomes a bore.

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Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle

★★☆☆ – (2022) – A marine biologist and a human cell scientist become closer acquaintances before they’re besieged by angry birds. Every line of dialog either preaches about global warming or waxes poetic about Hitchcock’s Vertigo, while the winged activity is much lesser this time around (the birds first arrive 57-minutes in). Still amusing in a so-awful-it’s-good way, but also drags more than the previous entries.

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Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2

★½☆☆ – (2022) – A mother and her son relocate to a small town where a ghostly scarecrow once dwelled and now prowls again. While ties to the previous entry are attempted, there isn’t any of the original’s suspense or meaning in a single ounce of this. Horror is sparse, the witness protection plot stinks, and the processes of filmmaking range from shoddy to downright inefficient.

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Earth Girls Are Easy

★★½☆ – (1988) – Three hairy aliens crash land into the pool of a woman who’s having infidelity issues. Gets off to a vibrant, funny, chaotic start with the promise of good things to come. However, once the aliens are shaved this settles into a slapstick plot with drowsy, predictable advancements. On the ultimate plus side, Geena Davis has never looked better.

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