★½☆☆ – (2011) – An active serial killer prompts students of 2012 to travel to 1992 to stop an explosion. Piles on a billion jokes that deal with modern/past awareness, past coolness, and time travel, but none are especially funny since they’re on a haphazard path toward nothingness. A complete mess that tries too hard to amuse.

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Chopping Mall

★★★☆ – (1986) – Shopping mall security robots go on a rampage during an overnight party. A metallic ’80s slasher that offers plenty of violence and nudity. Tends to drag toward the end, but is still a fun ride with solid low-budget action and unforgettable moments.

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The Final Destination

★★☆☆ – (2009) – People who avoid a brutal collision at a race track are picked off by death itself. The overall premise and talk of death’s design haven’t changed one iota, which gets wearisome fast. The gore quotient is deliriously stupid, and there’s some amusement within the unintended humor.

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Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

★★★☆ – (1988) – A college initiation prank leads a group of students to a mall to steal a bowling trophy that unexpectedly houses a wish granting imp. Horrible acting and dialog suggest a miserable time, but a variety of cheap ideas, and a boatload of cheaper nudity, make this a perfect guilty pleasure. A time capsule of ’80s cheese.

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Hide and Go Shriek

★☆☆☆ – (1988) – Friends play hide and seek in a shopping mall while sleeping with each other and getting stalked by someone who steals their clothes. One death scene works, and there’s nudity, but nothing else is commendable. The characters are lame, the actors are bad, and the killer’s a joke.

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