Amityville: Vanishing Point

☆☆☆☆ – (2016) – A girl goes missing from a boarding house in Amityville. The plot is nearly impossible to discern since every line of dialog is an exercise in how not to speak, and is often spoken alongside music of equal volume. This is clearly the work of someone with a camcorder, five dollars, and friends who are willing to ruin their low-level acting careers in one fell swoop. Ugly, erratic, and irritating.

The Purge: Election Year


½☆☆☆ – (2016) – A senator who opposes Purge Night becomes the focus of purgers. A contender for one of the worst scripts ever shot for a major motion picture, as the dialog merely inflicts racism among characters who do nothing but state their social status amid a supposed social nightmare. There’s hardly anyone on the streets of this daunting night, meaning tension is lost to awful actors who strike poses in place of striking fear.

Golden Years

Golden Years

½☆☆☆ – (1991) – An explosion in a science facility causes an old man to slowly grow younger. Has more to do with the assassination of the geriatric subject than the subject himself, which is a problem since the age spectrum is the only point of interest. Doesn’t have a single character or moment to warrant one hour, let alone four. Somehow, this crud intended to continue.

Junior (2002)

½☆☆☆ – (2002) – Motorists fall prey to a dimwitted killer and his insatiably annoying father. A horrible concoction from the pathetic villains to the cardboard heroine. Badly staged, cheaply shot, and has dialog that kills brain cells at a rapid clip. Whoever made this thought they were clever, but were sorely mistaken.