The Love Witch

★★☆☆ – (2016) – A woman who casts spells of affection on men is prone to take matters to deadly lengths. Has a distinct look that gives off a vintage vibe, but the story becomes stale in a hurry. Enough happens to help keep eyes open (sometimes wide open) but the plot crawls to a drab finish.

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They’re Watching

★★½☆ – (2016) – A home improvement show travels to Europe to film a rustic house, but find trouble of the witch variety. Manages to put forward some fun character scenarios, though those characters are hardly profound. Skirts by with a few slow spots, but the finale is so manically bonkers the wait is more than worthwhile. Cheap in production, but high in ambition.

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Alison’s Birthday

★★½☆ – (1981) – A young woman returns to her family’s estate for her 19th birthday party, and is met with strange activities from an ancestral coven. Moves slow and goes through common motions, but does hold attention throughout. The end result is fantastic, however, as this features one of the creepiest conclusions in all of horror.

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Suspiria (2018)

★★½☆ – (2018) – A dance school student participates for an academy run by witches. Follows the basic premise of the original, but the events are completely different and somehow even freakier. Characters aren’t a strong point, but this succeeds admirably in creating unique scenarios while uncomfortably spilling some blood and puke along the way.

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Mother Krampus

★½☆☆ – (2017) – A witch doles out revenge against the family that wronged her many moons ago. The horror inclusions aren’t great, but they’re a hell of a lot more convincing than the drama. The acting is the pits, and every character is a wretched invention. Plus, there’s no Krampus.

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Paranormal Investigation Agency

★★☆☆ – (2017) – A team of ghost hunters take on a variety of troubles while dealing with each other’s wacky personas. For every point of tedium there are some truly funny moments that distract from the disjointed plot. By now you should know what to expect from the cast and director involved, which is short, cheesy fun.

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Witching and Bitching

★★★☆ – (2013) – Jewelry store robbers, one of their young sons, and a cab driver end up the targets of witches who plan mankind’s fall. Begins as a humorous heist film with no traces of horror, but waiting for the witch scenario to take flight is worth the effort. Eventually does whatever it wants to do to provide shocks and humor, and ultimately stands out as a mark of pure lunacy.

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Don’t Torture a Duckling

★★½☆ – (1972) – Someone’s killing children in a small Italian village, and many locals are suspects. Has a gripping and disturbing first half that offers high levels of discomfort. The final half, however, drags when the murders and the reactions to them are replaced by a dull investigation.

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