1313: Cougar Cult

★☆☆☆ – (2012) – Three women perform rituals on young men in order to appease their god. An incredibly repetitive outing that features near-naked men showering or squirming in bed before the women laughably turn into cougars and allegedly eat them (the eating is never shown). A lazy concoction that means absolutely nothing.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

★★½☆ – (2016) – While trying to determine the cause of death of an unknown woman, a pathologist and his son unleash evil forces. For every instance that makes you say, “Well, duh,” there’s another that makes you say, “Oh, s**t!” Has some truly unique and tense inclusions, but isn’t exactly flawless in its logic.

Amityville Death House

★☆☆☆ – (2015) – A group of friends stop at a house in Amityville, NY that has ties to Salem, MA. A pathetic attempt to cash in on notorious New York murders when it’s perfectly clear this is not a New York production. The characters, and everything they do and have happen to them, are useless, bland, and pedestrian.

Blair Witch


★★★☆ – (2016) – Four friends and two tagalongs enter haunted woods in search of a girl who went missing over a decade before. Has a rough beginning that merely duplicates the original’s set-up, and the characters are hardly profound, but once the horror kicks in the tension never lets up. A relentless display of staggering suspense, unpleasant atmosphere, and effective shocks.

The Witch

Witch, The

★★★☆ – (2016) – A New England family struggles with winter famine, a nearby witch, and each other. The solemn and haunting atmosphere is hard to shake, as is the patiently awaited outcome. Some parts may border on silly, and dialogue is often tough to discern, but when all is said and done this is one stark experience.

Serpent’s Lair

Serpent's Lair

★★☆☆ – (1995) – A man with an overly jealous wife is seduced by an exotic woman. Normal situations are made strange by the woman’s witch tendencies and her inability to take no for an answer. Watching Jeff Fahey slowly dissolve is a high point, though it’s hard to complain about the frequent sex scenes.