Cheap Thrills

★★★★ – (2013) – Two former friends in financial turmoil reunite at a bar and come into contact with someone who offers them money to perform violent acts. Enjoyable from the humorous start to the brutal finish, and packs in a ton of twists along the way. There’s never a dull moment, and provides plenty of cringe-worthy and laugh-out-loud instances. Horrible promotion aside, this is a one of a kind gem.

It Follows

It Follows

★★★½ – (2014) – A young woman is infected with a sexually transmitted curse that has apparitions following her wherever she goes. Has a slew of shocking moments and an overall aura of tension that’s hard to shake. Comes down to a story of friendship, which is carried by believable characters and solid performances. Unique and nerve wracking.

District 9

★★★★ – (2009) – A government agent who’s hired to relocate aliens is forced to save himself from humans upon becoming infected with alien fuel. One of the most unique movies in existence, and certainly one of the most exciting. One fantastic scene follows another, while the plot and characters build within a completely unpredictable structure. Awkward at first, but steadily becomes epic.

The Others

★★★½ – (2001) – A small family and their servants cope with ghosts in their manor. Moves fast from the start and steadily improves upon the chilling plot with distinguished characters. A smart, tight mystery with strong performances and genuine suspense.


★★★½ – (1986) – Hardcore Marines, with Ripley as a consultant, travel to LV-426 to investigate and ultimately destroy an alien colony. Takes a while to get going, and the Marine jargon gets tiresome after a while, but the final third has everything that makes this an oft copied classic. An exhausting outing with great characters and taut suspense.