Holiday Hell

★½☆☆ – (2019) – Anthology of five stories that focus on a masked killer, a killer doll, a killer dressed as Santa, a killer cult, and a wraparound involving a killer demon. Presents the gimmick of taking place on different holidays, but they can occur at any time since there’s virtually no holiday atmosphere in any segment, even the one with Santa. The tales themselves are either stale, dull, or rip-offs of superior films.

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★★½☆ – (2016) – Anthology of six stories that focus on a bullied teen, an evil spawn, a resurrected creature, fertility rituals, a family search, female revenge, a virtual reality device, and dual murderers, all taking place on separate holidays. Though there are brushes with amateurism and silliness, there are also moments of shock and tension. Nothing stands out as a classic, as even the best tales have lackluster outcomes, but this is enjoyable straight through.

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Tales from the Crypt

★★★☆ – (1972) – Anthology of five stories that focus on a deranged Santa, an accident victim, a vengeful corpse, three dangerous wishes and the devious blind. A stylish and disturbing collection of stories that don’t pack any vicious punches, but they do provide plenty of subtle chills and memorable moments.

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My Bloody Valentine

★★½☆ – (1981) – A killer stalks a coal mining community as Valentine’s Day approaches. The love triangle doesn’t mean much, and the murder mystery is hardly original, but the mine atmosphere is gratifying and some fun is had among the characters. Doesn’t always make sense, but a few good murders take the focus off the inconsistencies.

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★★½☆ – (2001) – A killer in a laughable mask picks off an annoying clique of girls who have soap opera problems. Doesn’t do anything not seen a hundred times before, but features some creative kills and is busy enough to hold interest throughout. Far from original, yet the ’80s slasher vibe helps as do the unintentionally memorable moments (toilet hair cleanse).

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