★☆☆☆ – (2010) – In an alternate future, people are genetically enhanced to not show emotion in their provided social status, but some oppose this action. Does an okay job attempting a dystopian look from a technological standpoint, but the budget is simply too small to make it fully work. The story is a pitiful blend of confusion and characters who lack any sort of emotional significance.

Blood Junkie


★★☆☆ – (2010) – Two sets of friends go camping in the realm of a blood addicted killer. Does a better-than-average job pretending it’s from the ’80s, mainly in clothing and technology, and adds an abundance of humor. Loses steam when the killer’s aspect takes over, but still provides plenty of mindless stupidity and fun.

Pep Squad

Pep Squad

★☆☆☆ – (1998) – The kidnapping and murder of a high school principal leads prom queen contenders on a path of violence. A sour attempt at becoming the next Heathers that fails miserably thanks to sloppy writing and some truly awful acting. Has a lot going on, but not with anyone credible.