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★★★☆ – (2022) – A small crew making an adult film encounter an old couple who don’t appreciate their morals. Feels a bit sluggish overall, but amid the deliberate pace are some great moments of eye candy and greater moments of gore. Features nothing new character-wise, but this is both shocking and sad in a genuinely creepy way.

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The Requin

★½☆☆ – (2022) – A married couple with a troubled past become lost at sea. A horrendous survival outing that pits an overdramatic character and an under dramatic character in situations already seen in Open Water and, man oh man, does their dialog stink. Ignore the shark attack promo art since this is merely about the endurance of a really bad actress. A shark does emerge by the end, but like everything before its arrival more comedy is instilled than fear.

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★★★☆ – (1931) – A penniless musician hypnotizes a young woman in order to control her voice, but he can’t get her to love him. A strange and ultimately sad study of a man who can never fulfill the matters of his heart no matter how hard he tries. The plot itself is mildly absorbing, but is outshined by standout scenery, quite a few funny lines, and a fantastic lead in John Barrymore.

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Murder-Rock: Dancing Death

★★☆☆ – (1984) – Someone’s picking off random women at a dance academy. Gets off to a bombastically cheesy start, from shoddy dancing to a gratuitous death. Runs into a wall shortly thereafter, and becomes a mundane drama of common police procedures. By the end the tame kills become repetitive, taking away from the expected gore often associated with Lucio Fulci.

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Heavy Metal Massacre

★½☆☆ – (1989) – A metal head offers drugs to women before killing them. Doesn’t exactly have a plot, as this mainly consists of one murder after another amid odd musical interludes and brief police inclusions. Never rises above crud, but does paint a picture of the ’80s at its most putrid level.

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