★★★½ – (1986) – Hardcore Marines, with Ripley as a consultant, travel to LV-426 to investigate and ultimately destroy an alien colony. Takes a while to get going, and the Marine jargon gets tiresome after a while, but the final third has everything that makes this an oft copied classic. An exhausting outing with great characters and taut suspense.

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★★★½ – (1979) – A spaceship crew fights for their lives after picking up a hostile alien. A steadily paced outing with highly memorable moments of terror and suspense. Basically a slasher movie with a unique outer space design and distinguishable characters who bring realism to the unique landscape.

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The Blair Witch Project

★★★½ – (1999) – Three students in search of a legendary ghost become hunted by unseen forces. A then-unique design provides a deepening aura of dread as the stranded characters dissolve day after day. Not showing their adversary warrants merit, as the horror is completely up to the viewer. The final five minutes are especially powerful and haunting.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

★★★½ – (1974) – Five friends on their way to a family house are terrorized by the cannibalistic clan that lives nearby. Not a lot happens overall — and Franklin annoys — but the situations gradually become more bizarre and unrelentingly vicious. Lacks a musical soundtrack, but one wouldn’t be heard over all the screaming.

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The Sixth Sense

★★★★ – (1999) – A child psychologist takes on a kid who can see dead people in their most wretched states. Moves steadily throughout and never bores thanks to the constant introductions of new ideas in plot and characters. Haunts with a surplus of thrills, and ends with an emotional bang.

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The Devil’s Rejects

★★★½ – (2005) – A depraved family wreaks havoc on innocent civilains while a disturbed cop tracks them down. Follows a different path than its predecessor, House of 1000 Corpses, and as such is much more focused and absorbing. The violence is brutal, yet the despicable “bad guys” are hard to root against. A dynamic study of humanity’s darkest roots.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

★★★½ – (1987) – The original film’s survivor returns to assist Elm Street kids when Freddy makes suicide victims of them. Takes the horrifying premise to new highs by adding a sadistic back story to an already-notorious madman, and killing likable leads in innovative fashions. Surreal, inventive, and –most importantly– nightmarish.

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★★★★ – (1993) – An herbal steroid causes ticks to grow large and victimize a rural youth program. Has heavy traces of over-the-top acting and B-movie cheese, which only add to the overall charm. Most situations are legitimately humorous and engaging, while the finale is packed with top notch thrills and suspense. Infectious fun.

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