Mayhem Motel

Mayhem Motel

½☆☆☆ – (2001) – Society’s bottom feeders overstay our welcome at a dingy motel. A 75-minute excuse for deviates to verbally and physically degrade women. An ugly, hateful, depressingly unfunny mess that isn’t nearly as entertaining as it thinks it is.

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Golden Years

Golden Years

½☆☆☆ – (1991) – An explosion in a science facility causes an old man to slowly grow younger. Has more to do with the assassination of the geriatric subject than the subject himself, which is a problem since the age spectrum is the only point of interest. Doesn’t have a single character or moment to warrant one hour, let alone four. Somehow, this crud intended to continue.

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Junior (2002)

½☆☆☆ – (2002) – Motorists fall prey to a dimwitted killer and his insatiably annoying father. A horrible concoction from the pathetic villains to the cardboard heroine. Badly staged, cheaply shot, and has dialog that kills brain cells at a rapid clip. Whoever made this thought they were clever, but were sorely mistaken.

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Women Behind Bars

½☆☆☆ – (1975) – The warden of a women’s prison tries to turn an inmate against another to aid police officers. An unbelievably dull post-crime caper with low-level traces of all film ingredients. No character is detestable or commendable enough to root for or against, while the plot lacks signs of highs or lows. An all around bore that invokes rage.

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The Last Wave

½☆☆☆ – (1977) – A lawyer defends a tribe of Aborigines while experiencing a watery prophecy. An unbelievably bland mystery that reaches inhumane levels of boredom. There isn’t a single moment of interest, yet events transpire as though something important is unfolding.

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Forest of the Dead

½☆☆☆ – (2007) – One group of campers becomes possessed and attacks a second group of campers. Features some of the most deplorable characters in horror history, all of whom are aided by atrocious acting. There are plenty of horrible backyard movies out there, but this one, despite cheap gore, is an insult to humanity.

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Golden Temple Amazons

½☆☆☆ – (1986) – A girl whose parents are murdered by protectors of gold seeks revenge many topless years later. Tries to establish itself as an action-adventure, but fails to entertain thanks to horrible acting and dubbing. An abysmal experience that steadily worsens with every passing second. Inspires rage.

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The Wrong Door

½☆☆☆ – (1993) – A college assignment regarding sound leads a jester-dressed student on a violent evening. For a plot initially concerned with sound, this is virtually silent. Too many scenes go without music or dialog, which ultimately leads to sheer boredom. There’s no structure, no defined characters, and absolutely no point. A sour dud.

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