Zombie Cop

★★☆☆ – (1991) – A dead cop takes on the voodoo priest who cursed him back to life. Too many scenes drag, and the dirt-cheap production gets in the way of ambition, but there are some good ideas on display and a mostly-fun tone. By far one of the better shot-on-video films of the era, but still suffers from too many imperfections.


★★½☆ – (1995) – A college student joins a frat that’s actually a voodoo cult. Slow going, but often strives for twists and succeeds in holding attention. Features plenty of bad movie tactics, but nothing too distracting.

Voodoo Dawn

★½☆☆ – (1990) – Two guys on a weekend away from Manhattan end up trapped in a locale of black magic. A scene or two of voodoo horror remind of what could have been, since most of the plot is dull and lacks worthy elements. Short, but hollow.

Zombie Nightmare

★½☆☆ – (1986) – A guy who’s struck down by a car is resurrected to exact revenge on his assailants. Fails to generate much interest, mainly because the lead villain is killed only two-thirds in. The slow pace doesn’t help, but some of the stupidity is amusing.