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I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu

★½☆☆ – (2019) – Family members of the original film’s victims seek revenge against their adversary and her daughter. The concept holds promise by tying in decades of rage, but most of what occurs brings that notion to incredible lows for three reasons: (1) the characters are impossibly obnoxious; (2) the plot becomes a pale retread of Part One; (3) the two-and-a-half hour length is about two hours too long for such a scant, poorly written script. Why 148 minutes? WHY!?


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I completely agree. The story was written and acted out poorly. The actors seemed to have no previous acting experience and they weren’t naturals. The plot line, itself, is what drew me in but the actors just plain sucked. It had the potential to be significantly better and I’m disappointed that it wasn’t even watchable. The only thing I ended up liking in the end was the picture on the front cover.

Yes. This particular filim was way too long. I read somewhere that the director, Meir Lansky, wanted a filim to rival The Godfather Part 2. I think the daughter’s nose was too long as well. Seeing it for 148 minutes made it seem much longer. The nose I mean. I read somewhere else that one viewer compared sitting through this filim to having a Hefty bag of Nancy Pelosi’s undergarments duct taped over his head. I agree.

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