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★★☆☆ – (1995) – During a fierce storm, inhabitants of a large manor talk about and engage in sex while premonitions of death abound. This also has something to do with a ghost and a couple living in the basement, but the whole thing feels like separate films stitched together to form one disjointed softcore porn. Though it moves slowly, it’s not too hard to sit through thanks to sprinkles of blood and a high abundance of nudity.

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The Vampire Happening

★★☆☆ – (1971) – Not long after a woman visits her inherited castle vampires start to rise. Begins with the promise of quirky things to come, but after a while the jokes become stale and repetitive. The atmosphere matches classic vampire films, but spoofing their stories isn’t enough to lend enjoyment throughout. Has a few humorous and sleazy spots, but as a whole tends to drag.

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Candyman (2021)

★★½☆ – (2021) – An up and coming artist unleashes a vengeful force upon disbelievers in his community. Works fine as a continuation of the original film while adding a few new arcs of its own. The bloodletting is decent when shown, and though the pace tends to crawl there is an overall sense of accomplishment by the end.

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Werewolves Within

★★☆☆ – (2021) – Small town locals isolate themselves from a killer they believe is a werewolf. Gets off to a fun and vibrant start before crashing into a paltry Agatha Christie clone, where characters end up sitting around pointing fingers at each another. Has humorous moments, but after a while the jokes become forced and repetitive. The atmosphere is strong, yet horror is seriously lacking.

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Bigfoot (1970)

★★☆☆ – (1970) – The spawns of a yeti kidnap men and women to appease their mammoth father. The monster inclusions are goofy enough to laugh at, but all else is rather dull. There’s a lot of character wandering and not nearly enough monster mischief, but enough absurdities make this relatively easy to sit through.

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