All Hallows’ Eve 2

★☆☆☆ – (2015) – Anthology of eight stories that focus on pumpkin seeds, doomsday, a meat sacrifice, a wrongful death, a carnival game, a frightened kid, a chubby murderer, and an online ghost. Very few stories have any Halloween atmosphere, and most every tale has no direction or purpose. Woefully acted, nonsensical, and horribly constructed.

Lights Out


★★½☆ – (2016) – The spirit of a former lunatic wreaks havoc on a particular family… but only in the dark. The character scenarios are mostly common, despite the unique horror background, but are enough to make you hope they outlast their plights. Ranges from predictable to skin crawling to corny to badly plotted, equaling a mess worth getting through.

High Spirits


★★☆☆ – (1988) – Castle inhabitants plan to falsely haunt their domain until discovering the place is actually haunted. A sloppily told and noisily concocted story of many characters (most of whom are never fleshed out) dealing with love on earthly and unearthly planes. The atmosphere is strong, but despite many attempts at zany comedy few laughs are had.

Lake Mungo


★½☆☆ – (2008) – Mockumentary about the loss of a daughter/sister and her supposed ghostly return. Moves too deliberately slow, which is a huge problem since nothing new is ever put forth. Laughable in that every mundane event is taken so seriously, but does provide some creepiness toward the end.

Voices from Beyond


★★☆☆ – (1991) – The ghost of a dead man uses his daughter to locate his killer, but has to succeed before his corpse completely rots. The overall story is okay, and the attempts at the surreal aren’t awful, but there’s never a sense of dread or concern for the outcome. Pretty tame for a Fulci movie, but still pulls off some nasty tricks.

The Thirteenth Reunion

Thirteenth Reunion, The

★★☆☆ – (1980) – A journalist investigates the murder of a man who’s not placed in his coffin. The mystery elements and drawn characters are decent at first, but the story gradually becomes more and more sluggish. The twist ending is okay, and the final shot is a good one, but overall this is a bit dry and uneventful.

Curse of the Headless Horseman

Curse of the Headless Horseman

★½☆☆ – (1972) – People are picked off at a Western tourist attraction, allegedly by a decapitated murder victim. Begins as a whodunit complete with obvious red herrings, but turns into a shootout over gold. A dull chunk of slop that only holds interest in wondering what banality could occur next, while horror takes a backseat to cheese.

The Conjuring 2

Conjuring 2, The

★★★☆ – (2016) – Paranormal experts investigate the possession of a child and the ghostly mayhem in her London home. Begins in a location promised in the previous film’s conclusion, and proceeds with events that not only keep pace with the freakishness of the original, but invents new scenarios as well. A surprisingly dramatic spookshow that’s loaded with tension.